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Song of the week

OK, so I know most of you probably will roll your eyes, but I think this new Miley Cyrus song, “Party in the USA” is very catchy. So at least try it out.


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Chatham schools launching new Web site

Chatham County Schools will launch a new Web site Wednesday, according to information posted on the current site.

The redesign is an attempt to streamline the site’s content and make it more user-friendly.

The homepage will feature a slideshow of students; a news ticker to highlight activities, school and district features, announcements, and the upcoming Board meeting agenda, according to the announcement. Google site search will be accessible on all pages.

A screen shot of the school district's current home page

A screen shot of the school district's current home page

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Clarifying cutting teachers

I wanted to clarify a point in my story this week (“Budget Could Cut 40 teachers,” April 9) after reading some online comments. The story addresses the part of the N.C. Senate’s budget that would increase classroom size for K-12 by two students per classroom.

As an example, for students in grades kindergarten through three would see average classroom size increase from 18 students to 20 students. The Senate’s proposal would result in the loss of 40 teachers from Lee County Schools, Superintendent Jeff Moss said.

The point of confusion is how many students are already in K-3 classes. Most of these classes already have at least 20 students. However, the school district applies for waivers that allow it to have more students than the currently mandated 18 students.

The Senate budget would then increase the number of students in each classroom even more.

Note: The General Assembly still must present its budget priorities. The full extent of the statewide budget cuts likely won’t be known until the summer.

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Celebrating another title

I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill almost a year ago and was fortunate enough to witness the 2005 national championship my freshman year. I came to Carolina for the basketball (OK and the good academics), so seeing a championship was a dream for me. I watched in the Dean Dome that year with two of my best friends and future roommates. (For the record, I was a Sean May girl.)

Last night I had the pleasure of watching us win another title at the Dean Dome. And I have to say this time was so much more satisfying. I think it was mainly watching Tyler Hansbrough (my favorite Tar Heel of all time) finally get to cut down those nets. The Final Four was so disappointing last year with the Kansas loss. Another thing I got to do this year? Celebrate on Franklin Street. Somehow as a freshman I did not take that step. So the walk from the Dean Dome to downtown was especially satisfying. I did not jump over any bonfires. Mainly I just wanted to be there to feel the magic. You never know how many more titles you get to experience.

The team was truly dominant this year. I can’t wait to see what is in store in the coming years. Let the championships keep on coming!

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North Carolinians on video poker, same-sex marriage

The latest Elon University Poll asked North Carolinians about their thoughts on a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, video poker and the death penalty.

Here is what the poll uncovered:

  • Nearly 53 percent of respondents oppose video poker being available throughout North Carolina (about 29 percent supported it).
  • More than 69 percent of respondents opposed a juvenile (younger than 18) being given the death penalty for a crime.
  • When it came to same-sex marriage: 44.4 percent opposed any recognition for same-sex marriage; 27.5 percent supported civil unions/partnerships but not full marriage rights; 20.8 percent supported full marriage rights
  • 50.4 percent of respondents said they would oppose a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage (43.3 percent would support an amendment).

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