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Beaufort school board member resigns

A long-time member of the Beaufort County Board of Education has resigned, citing politics involved with failing to renew Superintendent Jeff Moss’ contract, according to The Washington Daily News.

Moss will start as Lee County Schools’ superintendent Jan. 20.

John W. White Jr. announced his resignation last week from the Beaufort County Board of Education after 14 years at the post. He made the announcement via a letter sent to fellow board members and The Daily News.

White wrote: “I feel that I can no longer serve in an atmosphere where I perceive that the welfare and the education of our children are secondary to politics and personal agendas.”

I interviewed White for a story about Moss about a week before White decided to step down. At the time, he told me (off the record) he was considering resignation as an option for similar reasons that he stated publicly.

Moss still had time on his contract, but some school board members thought renewing it would show him the board was behind him enough to get him to stay on.

White told The Daily News he could not go into further details because of confidentiality considerations.


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