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Reporting the Moss story

If you read Sunday’s Herald, then you probably saw the story I wrote about the decision to hire Jeff Moss as Lee County Schools next superintendent.  Moss will begin his new position on Jan. 20 after leaving Beaufort County Schools,where he has served as superintendent since 2004.

The reporting in the article draws heavily on administrative sources. In that respect, I believe the story paints an accurate portrait of what it is like to work with Moss as a fellow administrator and the big-picture questions of what his leadership style is and how he prioritizes his goals.

I have heard a few comments from comments, messages and phone calls wondering what it is like to work with Moss if you are a principal or teacher. Since the vast majority of people  who will work with Moss will be in this category, that is a perfectly valid question. It’s one I am also working on getting a better answer to. Because there are many more school employees in these positions, it will take a longer time and more reporting to ensure that an accurate, representative view is presented.

This is definitely something on everyone’s minds, and we won’t forget the story now that Moss has been chosen. If there are questions you have or leads you would like to see pursued, please feel free to comment or send me an e-mail.


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